Saving on New York City taxes in the age of the hybrid worker

  • The impact of remote and hybrid working on UBT
  • Legal and practical aspects of how to save on UBT while being prepared for a potential audit
  • The data required and how technology can help
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The increase in remote and hybrid work has led to employees spending more time in new locations that may be outside of New York City - even if that’s just working from their homes in Westchester, the Hamptons or Greenwich. This means that businesses may be overpaying on Unincorporated Business Tax (UBT), which is calculated based on where work is physically taking place.

Join Topia’s SVP, Distributed Workforces, Nishant Mittal, for an insightful discussion on what the increase in remote-hybrid work means in relation to UBT, and how asset management and investment firms can make sure they are paying only what they owe.

Topics covered will include:

Time: 12pm PT / 3pm ET

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Date: Thursday, August 11th, 2022


Nishant Mittal

SVP, Distributed Workforces


Tim Noonan


Hodgson Russ

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