Thursday, June 9, 2022 | University Club of New York


Mission-critical guidance for new

and emerging managers

This event is aimed at management firms and funds in their early stages of development, as well as managers and funds operated by women and leaders from diverse backgrounds.

Our sincere mission is to create a series of conversations that will enable your new firm or fund to be set for growth, success, and security. Dealing with issues spanning operations, strategy and compliance this event is designed for decision makers from across the leadership suite.

For any new fund manager, getting the planning right at the pre-launch and post-launch phases can potentially make the difference between success or costly failure. Through a series of in-depth panel discussions, presentations and breakout sessions, the event will lay out the main considerations for an engaged audience.

The Private Equity US Emerging Managers Summit, hosted by Private Equity Wire, is your bridge to a new understanding of each of the critical steps involved to successfully bring a fund to market.

After our industry's long absence of in-person gatherings, there will also be time for networking and informal conversations with close peers and colleagues.

Private Equity Wire’s event will:

  • Be a closed and invite-only gathering, this means no media and a curated audience of genuine peers
  • Bring together senior staff from across the leadership suite to discuss shared problems, opportunities and solutions
  • Focus on current trends, emerging themes and the likely innovations and disruptors of the next 5 years


8:30 AM


9:00 AM


  • Post-pandemic – has this changed the direction and fortunes of emerging managers
  • Discovering your first investors – from family offices to seeders
  • Embarking with an institutional mindset – how to professionalise from day one
  • Thinking beyond your core investment strategy – how to get the ops right
  • How to explain your strategy to LPs
  • What are the current investment opportunities for first-time managers?

Progress report: What are the opportunities and challenges for emerging managers?


9:00 AM


  • Jacob Comer Partner, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, NovaQuest Capital Management
  • Hamiz Mushtaq Awan, Founder, Partner, Plutus21 Capital
  • Mark A. Solovy, Managing Director, Monroe Capital
  • Michelle Jacobi, Managing Director, Head of Marketing & Fundraising, Gatewood Capital Partners
  • Zak Schwarzman, General Partner, MetaProp

Voice of experience: Manager


9:45 AM

Learn about the first steps, most important lessons and how to deal with challenges from a veteran GP.

  • The changing nature of ODD issues for start-up managers
  • Due diligence deep-dive: how ODD can make or break a start-up manager
  • How can managers best prepare for investor ODD?
  • Will investors get comfortable with a virtual ODD process and could this become a permanent feature?
  • Spending budget on operations – hiring talent, using service providers etc
  • Investor expectations: what are they asking and what sort of red flags tend to veto a potential allocation?

LP eye: Operational Due Diligence


10:15 PM


  • Ruth Lane, Head of Investor Relations & Marketing, ESG Officer, ATL Partners
  • Nardo Manaloto, Founder and Managing Partner, Qubits Ventures

11:00 AM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

11:30 AM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

Roundtable A: Fund Formation: Getting your foundations right

  • What are the typical fund structuring considerations for managers
  • What should one prioritise when putting together the Offering Memorandum and Investment Management Agreement?
  • Management company considerations – defining the economic interests of the partners
  • What are some of the key questions to ask for any new manager, as they think about their fee structure?
  • Dan Rochkind, CFO, Lerer Hippeau


Roundtable B: Practical insights on what the ODD process looks like for today’s PE and VC firms

  • Impact of Covid on ODD and its current evolution
  • Rising importance of ESG
  • What to prioritise during an ODD process
  • How to get your investor reporting right
  • Avoiding issues and red flags
  • The approaches of different investor types


  • Lindsay West, Investor Relations Associate, Ascend Partners

Roundtable C: Start-up boot camp: tax structuring for new and emerging managers

  • A guide to taxation for managers and funds
  • Offshore funds regime and reporting
  • Personal taxation structuring as a founding partner


  • Arun Mittal, Managing Partner, MBM Capital

Roundtable D: Information overload - making sure you are extracting the best from your tech stack and data

  • How should new and emerging managers use, store and interrogate data
  • Executing the best data strategy for your business
  • What does data best practice look like - can this be done in-house or do you need the assistance of a vendor
  • Pitfalls to avoid when selecting a vendor
  • What resources are available to new and emerging managers to develop and maintain the best data systems


  • Karthee Madasamy, Founder and Managing Partner, MFV Partners

12:15 PM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

Roundtable A: Fund Formation

Roundtable B: Practical insights on ODD

Roundtable C: Start-up boot camp

Roundtable D: Information overload

  • Arun Mittal, Managing Partner, MBM Capital
  • Dan Rochkind, CFO, Lerer Hippeau
  • Karthee Madasamy, Founder and Managing Partner, MFV Partners
  • Philip Hudgens, General Partner, Assiduity Capital

1:00 PM


  • How should new and emerging managers think about getting approach to ESG correct
  • How does this approach impact the investments you make?
  • And how does it impact you at the management firm level – can you demonstrate a commitment to issues like sustainability and D&I
  • How do your prioritize specific areas within ESG, while making sure you are meeting the needs of regulators and allocators

ESG Priorities: Demonstrating your firm’s commitment to fairness, best practice, diversity and sustainability


2:00 PM


  • Lauren Bonner, Managing Partner, MBM Capital
  • Lindsey Taylor Wood, Founder and General Partner, The Helm
  • Lister Delgado, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Idea Fund Partners
  • Winnie Sabbat, Managing Partner, Sabacica Capital

2:45 PM


Roundtables take place as repeated parallel sessions. Delegates register in advance for 3 of 4 topics.

Roundtable D: Information overload

Roundtable C: Start-up boot camp

Roundtable B: Practical insights on ODD

Roundtable A: Fund Formation

  • Saka Saddiq Nuru, General Partner, Funnder
  • Barbara Iyayi, Founding Managing Partner, Unicorn Growth Capital

3:30 PM


Coffee break and a chance to meet our experts

  • How to generate deals and maintain deal flow
  • Current strategies that are doing well for emerging and smaller managers
  • How to make your differences a unique selling point
  • The importance of finding a seeder and the effectiveness of placement agents
  • How best in class operations can help with deal flow
  • How to vie for attention and compete with established players

Getting your cadence right: Fundraising and deal flow for new and small managers


4:00 PM


  • David Teten, Founder, Versatile Venture Capital
  • Krista Morgan, General Partner, Stage Fund
  • Maria Boyazny, Founder and CEO, MB Global Partners
  • Victoria Grace, Founding Partner, Colle Capital Partners
  • How have areas like outsourcing and managed services changed? What are the challenges/benefits?
  • Operational infrastructure: how has this changed? What do investors expect now, and how to achieve this?
  • What are the more common mistakes new managers make i.e. when selecting their service providers?

Buy, build or cobble together: selecting the right service providers


4:45 PM

  • Atin Batra, Founder & Solo GP, 27V (Twenty Seven Ventures)
  • Victoria Kennedy, Founder, Seed to Harvest


  • What are the main distribution channels managers need to consider
  • What are the main challenges when it comes to attracting investors
  • How can fund managers better attract seed investors?
  • What are the typical mistakes that managers make when it comes to approaching the fundraising process?
  • How is technology and social media changing the way managers think about connecting with potential LPs?

GP focus: The Fund Raising Process


5:30 PM


  • Chidi Nwankpa, Principal, Gore Range Capital
  • Eghosa Omoigui, Founder and Managing General Partner, EchoVC Partners
  • Jimmy Carrion, SVP Investor Relations, Lloyd Jones LLC
  • Saka Saddiq Nuru, General Partner, Funnder

6:15 PM


Connect with peers from around the industry over a glass of wine

7:30 PM


Arun Mittal

Managing Partner at MBM Capital

Barbara Iyayi

Founding Managing Partner at Unicorn Growth Capital

Atin Batra

Founder & Solo GP at 27V (Twenty Seven Ventures)

Read more

Chidi Nwankpa

Principal at Gore Range Capital

Read more

Dan Rochkind

CFO at Lerer Hippeau

Read more

David Teten

Founder at Versatile Venture Capital

Read more

Eghosa Omoigui

Founder and Managing General Partner at EchoVC Partners

Read more

Jacob Comer

Hamiz Mushtaq Awan

Founder, Partner at Plutus21 Capital

Read more

Partner, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at NovaQuest Capital Management

Read more

Jimmy Carrion

SVP Investor Relations at Lloyd Jones LLC

Read more

Krista Morgan

Karthee Madasamy

Founder and Managing Partner at MFV Partners

Read more

General Partner at Stage Fund

Read more

Lauren Bonner

Managing Partner at MBM Capital

Read more

Lindsey Taylor Wood

Lindsay West

Investor Relations Associate at Ascend Partners

Founder and General Partner at The Helm

Read more

Lister Delgado

Co-founder and Managing Partner at Idea Fund Partners

Read more

Mark A. Solovy

Maria Boyazny

Founder and CEO at MB Global Partners

Read more

Managing Director at Monroe Capital

Read more

Michelle Jacobi

Managing Director at Head of Marketing & Fundraising, Gatewood Capital Partners

Read more

Nardo Manaloto

Founder and Managing Partner at Qubits Ventures

Read more

Ruth Lane

Head of Investor Relations & Marketing, ESG Officer at ATL Partners

Philip Hudgens

General Partner at Assiduity Capital

Read more

Victoria Grace

Founding Partner at Colle Capital Partners

Read more

Saka Saddiq Nuru

General Partner at Funnder

Read more

Winnie Sabbat

Managing Partner at Sabacica Capital

Read more

Zak Schwarzman

General Partner at MetaProp

Read more

Victoria Kennedy

Founder at Seed to Harvest








Address: One West 54th Street New York, NY 10019

Venue Requirements

Dress Code


Electronic Devices

Attendees must be able to provide proof of a full Covid-19 vaccination to gain entry.

Business attire -

blazers/jackets and collared shirt for men. Trainers or denim are not permitted.

Electronic devices must remain silent in all public areas in the Club House.

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